3 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day for kids

3 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day for kids

I love Valentines Day, I have a soft spot when it comes to love and the colour pink, always have and always will. I hope the girls feel the same way when they get older. Like most holidays, Valentines Day is often celebrated with plenty of sugary foods and beverages. I don’t mind my girls enjoying a little sweet treat, we actually have a ” one a day treat rule” but I am particular about what and how much goes into their little bodies even if its celebratory. Here are 3 Tips for a happy and healthy Valentines Day for kids.

watermelon hearts and cupcakes2

1). Crafts

Every kid gets excited about a class party. I fondly remember reading through my valentine day cards as a kid, I don’t remember candy attached to my cards. I was surprised last year, at how many cards had a  sugary treat attached.  I don’t want to be that mom that says “NO” to candy. But It seems like any time there is an opportunity to promote sugary foods to kids the food manufacturers take full advantage.  Instead, why not have kids create their own cards with pretty paper, ribbons, and stickers. One of Miss E’s favourite places is the craft store. I found these 12 adorable candy free ideas on Superhealthykids, I love the “love bug” card.

2).  Healthy, Fun & Kid Friendly Snacks

Let’s face it, you can’t have a party without food. Its easy to make healthy, festive, kid friendly snacks for Valentine’s day. All you need is a a few heart shaped cookie cutters and a little imagination. Start the morning off right with heart shaped whole wheat blueberry pancakes or these easy beet pancakes from yummy mummy kitchen. You can easily make hearts with strawberries, watermelon, or cucumbers, sandwiches or granola bars, all you need is a heart shaped cookie cutters.

watermelon hearts

3). Natural Food Colouring

With the increase incidence of food intolerances and allergies why not say “NO”  to artificial dyes.  Artificial dyes have been linked to over activity in children. Instead, use natural colouring from beets or strawberries. I adapted this very berry pink frosting recipe for mini cupcakes from realmomnutrition but you could easily use beets for a more vibrant shade of pink. My girls were pretty excited about these cupcakes.

watermelon hearts and cupcakes

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day!

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